Ninnu Choodalani
Stars: Raveena Rajput, Viswanath, Satyanarayana
Music: S.A.Rajkumar      Director: V.R.Pratap      Producer: Ch.Ramoji Rao
Ushakiron Movies      Release Date: May 25th, 2001

When star kids are around the films will have several advantages. Being the grandson of legend NTR and the son of actor politician Harikrishna, NT Rama Rao (Jr), closely resembling the grandpa in looks, has succeeded in creating pre-release hype to the film, Ninnu Choodalani.

In a nutshell itís a normal love story where a boy meets a girl, they fool around till they notice the chemistry working in them, then the family elders come into picture, problems follow and so are their solutions. Venu (NTR) roams around with a batch of friends who were needed to create the comedy track in the film and he meets Siri (Raveena) and falls in love at first site. But herís is a different case. He tries his best ways using all the modern gadgets and messaging systems to win her heart. He does what not for her to make her accept his love and finally succeeds in making the story go forward. Now itís time for the families to enter the scene. While the heroís family accepts, the heroineís doesnít, as usual. The boy and girl both have grand fathers played by Viswanath and Satyanarayana, one time rivals in sweet-making business. The rivalry is evoked once again as both of them contest elections against each other. How this issue is solved forms the rest of the story, of course, which is anybodyís guess.

Otherwise an average teenage love story has become interesting with this star kidís presence as he exhibits the traits of Nandamuri family in his mannerisms and acting. He is reasonably good but needs to shed fat and work hard to make the career. Raveena too did her best and complemented the hero well. Both Viswanath and Satyanarayana too have notable performance.

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