Student No.1
Stars: Gajala, Rajeev Kanakala, Kota Srinivasrao
Music: M.M.Keeravani      Director: Rajamouli*      Producer: C.Ashwini Dutt, K.Raghavendrarao
Camera: Hari Anumolu      Story: Hindava Pridhvi Teja      Release Date: Sep 27th, 2001

Aditya(Jr.NTR) is a law college student, which is having a very bad name in the city because of the fellow student satya(Devadas kanakala). Aditya changes satya and in that process falls in love with gajala. But he refuses to resiprocate her as he is sentenced to life for the muder. He murders a goon while trying to recue a damsel in distress. But the damsel's father refuses to acknowledge and our hero goes to jail for the murder. His father being a strict disiplanarian shoo's hero and stops his family from seeing him in jail. In scond half we see the father comes to the same town in transfer and neatly comes into the trap of the villan (all this time villan sleeps in the first half) and comes to the same jail. Hero with a fight shows the world his father is innocent while proving his innocence and sings songs with the heroine.

This is the first film for the director who was assistant to Raghavendra rao for quite some time. The film was a major hit in Andhra.

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